The Illuminati have shown their true colors, finally in black and white… Pure Evil.

My name is Adam Dobrin.  I was framed by a small group of career criminals, a family in Pompano Beach, FL that I had married into.  Several years ago, one of them was arrested for narcotics trafficking, and proceeded to set up and frame a string of people.  I was warned, and avoided it then, but in the process I learned a great deal about the group they were connected to — the Illuminati.  Others have called this large network of organized criminals The Octopus and the Dark Alliance, however today, it is so pervasive and has infested the ranks our government to the point that it now commits its atrocities in open view.  Immediately after this attempt, I was thrust into a witness intimidation program, something J. Edgar Hoover described well:

“The individual is handicapped by coming face to face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.”

Six months ago, two corrupt police officers working for this group of criminals, Mike Oh and Mike Search, framed me for a small crime, and then attempted to cover it up by doctoring evidence.  I was lucky enough to obtain proof of this violation of 18 USC 1512, which opened up an entire world of corrupt horror to me.  After providing my evidence to two separate defense lawyers they colluded to suppress the evidence, lead me to believe they were working in my benefit, and wound up hiding it from the courts.  These lawyers were Adam J. Katz and John Cotrone, and together they embody the most disgusting display of Judicial corruption I have ever witnessed.  Today, I not only have in my possession evidence of the initial police cover up, but also a significant amount of evidence against Katz and Cotrone, showing that they failed to follow proper procedure, ignored not only Judicial rules, but also simple morality.

Over the next weeks, I will be providing my entire story, complete with black and white evidence which I believe is incontrovertible.

Can this be used to help stifle corruption in Broward County Florida?  I will leave it to you to decide.
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Katz Emails showing intentional failure to use evidence attached herein.  Resulting in intentional tampering with evidence/witness.

GPS data shows a cover up by the LHPD, who intentionally modified GPS records.  These modified/tampered records not only do not make sense, but do not match the written police report below.


3 thoughts on “The Illuminati have shown their true colors, finally in black and white… Pure Evil.

  1. Lissakrhumanelife says:

    Adam; I’m a Ti due to a heavily-litigated case regarding my late-husband due to seriously corrupt lawyers, a huge contractor and their corrupt on-the-take cops. Wow.

  2. mysterymom7 says:

    You’ve been seriously screwed over. I hope we can help each other. The more who band together to speak the truth, the safer we will be.

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