The Whole Story…

“The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists.”

J. Edgar Hoover describing COINTELPRO

This book is a complaint. Once you are finished reading it, you may understand why I was forced to put it in this form, suffice it to say I have exhausted the “normal channels” and have been met with a conspiracy so vast and interconnected… you won’t believe it. Sadly, it is the truth. Hoover was only half right; in this case myself and many other victims of the same heinous crime do believe it, it is only when the “proper authorities” are concerned that we are met with any disbelief. This is by design, and it is clear after many months of struggling that the inaction on the part of these authorities is intentional, rather than any sort of true disbelief. In short, they are in on it.

We have seen today the dark side of those activities, where many Americans who were not even suspected of crime were not only spied upon; but they were harassed, they were discredited, and at times endangered… illegal, secret intimidation and harassment of the ability of Americans to participate freely in the American political life shall never happen again.”

Frank Church on the same program

Church, unfortunately also, was only half right—not only does a program whose goals and methods are almost identical to the one in discussion exist today, its use is much more pervasive and completely ignored not only by employees of the FBI, but at every level of government in the United States of America and abroad.

I am victim of this vast conspiracy, it is one built on harassment, threats, and above all else intentional inaction and ignorance on the part of those whose duty and oath it is to stop such a thing from happening. Using threats of death, open and unbridled harassment, lies, and grossly illegal acts this organization commits nothing short of psychological torture within the definition of 18 USC § 2340 (2) (B), (C) and (D).

(1) “torture” means an act committed by a person acting under the color of law specifically intended to inflict severe physical or mental pain or suffering (other than pain or suffering incidental to lawful sanctions) upon another person within his custody or physical control;

(2) “severe mental pain or suffering” means the prolonged mental harm caused by or resulting from—

(A) the intentional infliction or threatened infliction of severe physical pain or suffering;

(B) the administration or application, or threatened administration or application, of mind-altering substances or other procedures calculated to disrupt profoundly the senses or the personality;

(C) the threat of imminent death; or

(D) the threat that another person will imminently be subjected to death, severe physical pain or suffering, or the administration or application of mind-altering substances or other procedures calculated to disrupt profoundly the senses or personality.

These individuals are acting in concert, participating in a conspiracy within the definition of 18 USC § 96, RICO. They act specifically to tamper with witnesses and evidence against them, as well as to obstruct justice, and retaliate against their victims, all defined in 18 USC § 1510-1513. Further, these conspirators act to deprive their victims of guaranteed civil rights, including but not limited to the right to liberty, privacy, liberty, due process, trial by jury, fair bail, and right to petition the government. This conspiracy involves members of organized crime, law enforcement, doctors, lawyers and judges.

There is a power so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive that prudent men better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it”

Woodrow T. Wilson

Individually, the complaint is predominantly a string of infractions of the law. Together, it shows the breadth of control the Mafia has over law enforcement and the Judicial system in South Florida, and represents a significant and torturous RICO conspiracy. I have witnessed their ability to interfere with legal defenses, and their ability to use corrupt law enforcement officers in order to systematically violate the law. The Judicial system in Broward County rewards narcotics trafficking, and it is my assumption that this behavior is at the behest of a corrupt network of narcotics officers in FBI, DEA, and several police agencies – ultimately it seems organized crime has infested the entire system. This criminal enterprise uses false legal prosecution, and related threats, as a weapon against innocent victims.

The design of this psychological torture machine is such that it often leaves victims paranoid, suffering from post traumatic stress, and later these things are used to further discredit the testimony of the victim. It furthers its goals by subverting the very systems put in place to protect the innocent, utilizing a vast network and a virtually unseen communication system, it is able to make a mockery of the systems put in place to enforce the rule of law. Many unfortunate victims are left without any evidence of the crimes against them, however there are so many that have prima facie and incontrovertible evidence that the lack of investigation on the part of the government amounts to nothing less than participation in the conspiracy. Mine is one such case, and evidence is included herein.

The actions of this organization are plainly domestic terrorism, designed specifically to deprive victims of their civil liberties, and to hide their actions through the use of a very well designed operation of psychological torture and intimidation the likes of which have not been seen since the days of COINTELPRO.

In the Beginning…

In late 2010, I was plunged into the depths of hell without even knowing it. I had just reunited with my ex-wife, and because of it my entire life, and world, was turned upside down. Her brother had, only six months earlier been arrested for trafficking in cocaine, and as a result of that her entire family had been working feverishly to conspire to set up and frame as many people as possible in order to reduce his sentence. After we began dating again, through stories told by both her and her brother, I learned that he had set up at least 3 other people in the Pompano Beach area immediately after being caught with over ten kilograms of cocaine, she also informed me of a significant amount of history which related her family to organized crime, I believe in an attempt to intimidate me. To my utter surprise and disgust, one of these people was m ex-wife’s “current fiancée” at the time, I had never known him, but I knew of him and he was definitely not drug dealer, let alone trafficker. In the days following his arrest, her brother had set him up with the same drugs he had been caught with. These events are documented and verifiable, the ability of organized crime to utilize police and judicial prosecution in order to fulfill vendettas either for money or otherwise is disgusting and a fact in Broward County.

In the late nineties I met her brother, who I believed was a small time drug dealer in Pompano Beach, FL. Over the course of about 2 years, I met, dated, and married his sister. At that time I had no knowledge of this families relationship to organized crime, however upon reuniting in 2010 I learned that during this time period, around 2000, their entire family participated in a drug distribution enterprise first to distribute cases of Ketaset, and later cocaine. We were divorced in 2003, and did not have any contact for several years.

During this time, I later learned that their family business, a local bar, was used as a distribution point for cocaine and illegal gambling, and had been raided resulting in several arrests. From what I have learned, the family was tipped off about the raid, and only lower level employees were caught.

I was told that when the fiancée was arrested, the Broward Sheriff’s Office brutally injured him, inflicting near life threatening injuries. I would be reminded of this over, and over during the course of the next few months; it was a thinly veiled threat. My ex-wife was drinking heavily at the time, and it was my belief that it was due to her grief over what her family had done, though it now seems that it was more due to what she was currently doing.. to me. Several months later, she “warned” me that her family had been paid to frame me. She had made it very clear that they were members of an Italian organized crime syndicate which was responsible for a significant amount of cocaine trafficking in South Florida, and apparently they also participated in what she described as an extra-judicial “hit job” in which they were paid in order to frame innocent people. I had, many years earlier, been involved in a near fatal car accident. She informed me that one of the passengers in my vehicle at the time, had paid her family for this “service,” which served the double purpose of helping her brother ease what should have been a very long sentence for trafficking.

Her behavior became very strange during this time period. She was not “technologically oriented,” barely ever using computers, though I was.. yet she began discussing and being worried that we were being surveilled with covert high technology. She described laser listening devices, phone and computer snooping programs, and repeatedly “warned” that she was sure we were being watched. Her behavior was designed in order to instill a sense of paranoia in me, though the entire situation served more to make me feel as if I had entered a bad dream, one where this person, who I had known for a very long time, was being directed by an outside party. She had a significant amount of information and knowledge related to these eavesdropping technologies as well as local crimes which appeared to be verifiable upon research on the internet. There was no way she could know these things, and it severely disrupted how I viewed the world around me.

Over the course of the next three months, her story changed from the crime I was being framed for being drug trafficking to murder. In that time period, from 11/2010 to 1/2011, both of us began being threatened and harassed on the street, in several specific hotels, and places of business. The threats would come from civilians, officers of the law, and employees of these establishments. This certainly added credibility to her story, and her contention that her family was associated with organized crime. Her behavior began being very, very strange. During this time period she attempted to file several false police reports, contending that random strangers had broken in to hotels we were staying at and assaulted her, while I slept. This resulted in several odd police reports, a trip in an ambulance to the hospital for her – where she was released only an hour later, and what amounts to intentionally instilled fear and distrust which could not have been created by anyone but a close and personal friend. Abuse of trust and love was essential in order to be successful in ensuring I believed at least some of the stories I was being told.

In actuality, this “framing” machine had attempted to set me up, in once instance leaving a white substance sprinkled over a hotel chair and table while I slept. Upon being awoken by her, she was frantic and screaming that we were being set up. I attempted to clean the room, putting several of the chair pillows in the hotel bathtub and running water over them. At this time I was falsely lead to believe that she was helping me avoid this fate – and, that because of it, her “family,” which now included a much larger extended group related to organized crime, was instead attempting to frame both of us. We contacted a lawyer while still in the room, John Cotrone, explained the situation to him and asked for advice. He told us to contact he local police, an tell them the entire story.

This is exactly what we did, though the behavior of the police was so odd, that it now seems clear that they too, were part of the conspiracy. It’s almost as if they were waiting downstairs for our call, and upon their arrival had absolutely no interest in our story, in any of the events that had happened that morning, or frankly in helping us at all. What they were concerned with was water damaged pillows, and took no other action that to ask the hotel how much we “owed them” to replace them. I was in completely awe and shock by their behavior, and we simply paid the enormous and outrageous bill and left. Shortly after, she complained again, this time that instead of being set up, she had been assaulted and robbed, once again, while I slept. This changing of stories, claims of odd crimes, and lies are part of the modus operandi of this organization, which uses tall tales, odd behavior, and threats in order to psychologically abuse its victims.

At this point, my ex-wife used the pretense of this impending framing in order to convince me that we needed to “flee” the area in order to avoid it. This would be a recurring theme, and using this story, she coerced me to wire transfer her a significant amount of money, 10,000$. Several days later she was arrested for a DUI, though she was not drunk or impaired, and we were in the jurisdiction of a police force in which a relative of hers was the Chief of Police. It is highly probably that this event was used in order to coerce her further cooperation and attempt to keep us from escaping the area in which a significant number of police as well as civilians had participated in this intimidation scheme. It worked, and because of her inability to leave, we remained in the state.

After this event, over the course of the next several months until February of the following year, harassment at the hands of perfect strangers, and her family not only continued but increased in intensity. I was told stories of drugs being hidden in our shared home, in our clothing, and in our furniture. At one point I ordered a testing kit in order to dispel these claims, and it seemed that they were nothing more than idle threats, designed to cause fear and intimidation. Through this harassment, which utilized stories of verifiable crimes committed and published in the news, she connected two drug related crimes which were investigated by the FBI. These were a drug bust in Miami, and what she informed me was a related set up of a home invasion in Pennsylvania only a few days later. She informed me that these events had happened shortly before the odd behavior started, and they were the cause of our distressing situation, something she labeled as a mafia witness intimidation program. The only problem was, we had not witnessed anything.

This strange group of people, now including my ex-wife and many members of her family, began talking now about even more outlandish technology. No longer did she convey that we were being watched with the technologies she mentioned before; which I had read about, at her behest, on the internet. Now I was told of much more advanced and sinister programs. She began talking about MK-Ultra, and informed me that this organized crime syndicate had “procured” from the government technology which allowed them to hear the thoughts of their victims. She also informed me that there was a significant faction within th government which colluded with this organized crime syndicate in order to assist in the hiding of Federal assistance with domestic narcotics trafficking. This, I was told, is what made this intimidation program so effective, the ability to be one step ahead of their victims allowed them to operate almost completely in the open, furthering the perception that this conspiracy was so large that there was no escape.

Being surrounded by what appeared to be a very large force attempting to intimidate both of us, I suggested that perhaps we would be better off in the witness protection program. After discussing it for several days, she agreed, and we set out to Miami, a short drive away, to attempt to get help from the Federal government, with what appeared to be a very bad problem with organized crime. I was told that the organization this family was associated with put bounties of 10,000 on the heads of informants, however my faith in the government, and its protection program was unshaken. Regardless, the horror of the conspiracy we were faced with was too much to bear, and escape seemed our only viable option.

It was late when we arrived, so prior to visiting the FBI, at the suggestion of my ex-wife we stayed at another hotel in Miami Beach, the Park Central – which I imagine was chosen for its obvious correlation to organized crime, even though it’s not the one in NYC – I was surreptitiously drugged with an unknown neurotoxin. The effects of this drugging were reduced and impaired motor function, and broken speech – it was almost as if a circuit had been cut in my brain. I had no idea what was happening to me, and out of a fear that the threats of death I had received were being made good on, both she and myself voluntarily entered the ER at a nearby hospital, Mt. Sinai.

Here too, the temporary staffed doctors were uninterested in actually helping. They insisted that I must have “taken something” in the triage room, however once entering the ER their demeanor changed completely. They began to be threatening, telling me not to attempt to visit the FBI, and threatened both my life and hers–if we continued. There should have been no way for them to know what our plans for that day were, though they certainly did. These types of threats, which often included information of future plans served to reinforce the stories of illegal surveillance which I had been told. All together, it was a well thought out information operation, designed at this point not to instill fear, but rather to tamper with witness testimony using paranoia and the appearance of drug use as a means of discrediting the true accounts of victims. These things too, are a common theme among victims of this organization, a large number of whom have issues with doctors and lawyers who use the effects of this intimidation program in order to attempt to hide their own complicity in the conspiracy. This particular doctor would not listen to my story, and despite the fact that I had voluntarily sought assistance with what I assumed was something like a seizure, insisted that I had taken an unknown drug and Baker Acted me. I do not believe there was any toxicological evidence to support this, and despite objections, these doctors continued to violate their oath. Clearly I was not a danger to myself or anyone else, and his actions were designed for no other purpose than to leave a trail which could be used to in order to discredit me, and cover up the facts surrounding this attempted framing.

Over the next few weeks the harassment and psychological abuse changed significantly. It no longer involved civilians on the street, but rather internet stalking and tampering with electronic communications. I had attempted to contact police and the FBI in order to file a complaint, and these calls were somehow rerouted from their intended destination, and I received odd operators on the other end who would pretend to transfer me and hang up the phone. It had become impossible to contact any law enforcement via my cell phone. At the same time, I would receive threatening messages on the computer, via instant message, on various websites, and also through some means which I described as manipulation of the frame buffer – they just appeared on the screen out of nowhere. Over time some of these messages changed, and they appeared to be offering advice and “actionable intelligence.” The threats of death changed to threats of being “framed” again, and suggested repeatedly that I file a written complaint with the FBI, in order to avoid it. I imagine at this point the organization had somehow installed software on my computer which allowed them to redirect my complaint elsewhere, but at the time I did not realize it.

I informed my ex-wife of these suggestions, and my intention to follow through in order to protect us from further psychological assault and attempts at falsely framing us. She became angry, belligerent, and threatening at this point, and we split for several weeks. During this time I received renewed threats from local police officers, which appeared to be instigated directly by her family. Because of the gravity and dread of the situation, I then wrote a complaint regarding the odd events in Orlando and Ocala, FL.

Several weeks after filing the complaint, an FBI agent, Brain X. Blake followed up via telephone, and in an attempt to ease my fears I questioned whether the two events, in Miami and Pennsylvania were related. To my dismay, Blake confirmed that they were indeed related, and upon hearing the shock in my voice to his response, he immediately ended the conversation. Several minutes later, two DEA agents arrived at my door, and asked a single question, “is everything OK?” and abruptly left. Blake was not given any knowledge of my whereabouts, and it is almost impossible for a response to have come so quickly. I confirmed that these were actual DEA agents with that organization, and at this point believe both Blake and the two agents to be complicit in the conspiracy. Their intentional lack of assistance and investigation clearly shows that much like the officers in Orlando, they were completely unconcerned with not only the danger that I was in, but the crimes which were apparently surrounding my ex-wife’s family. The series of events including the FBI and DEA appear to me to have been intentionally created in order to instill in me the belief that there would be no help from the Federal government, that they were indeed complicit in the cover up, as my ex-wife had repeatedly warned.

After several weeks apart of speaking but not seeing much of each other, my ex-wife again conveyed her intention of assisting me in stopping this frame job. She suggested moving to another state in order to avoid retribution from the crime syndicate her family was associated with, and that is exactly what we did. We rented a house together, and moved all of our belongings out of state. Shortly after this move, she became pregnant with our first child, and these two events coincided with a near complete stop in harassment. Almost exactly one month after her becoming aware of her pregnancy, both her brother and former fiancée were offered and took pleas significantly below the minimum mandatory sentences. These events served to ease my fears, and over the course of the next few months, our lives became somewhat normal again. We enjoyed each others company again, and both believed that the dark cloud that had been following us had dissipated.

The Calm, then the Storm

For the first year and a half, between the time she became pregnant and near my son’s first birthday, our lives were normal. My ex-wife had stopped drinking due to her pregnancy, and because of probation from her false arrest in 2010. I returned to school to complete my bachelors degree, and we stopped being harassed completely. I had forgiven her for her very strange behavior, and through several weeks of conversation believed that she had been coerced by the “extended Family” to participate in what she continued to describe as a frame job resulting from a paid contract. It became a verboten topic between us, and sometime in 2011, we stopped discussing the events of 2010 completely. This relieved much of the stress related to the situation, however in the back of my mind I always wondered how such a vast conspiracy could exist without the whole world knowing about it. Around the same time, I found a group of people on the internet who had had a similar experience, and overwhelmingly it seemed that encounters with this syndicate either ended in death or with the complete vanishing of it from the victims lives. There were many books written with parallels to my own story, including the stories of sexual assault, odd high technology surveillance, and large groups of threatening and harassing people. After returning to college, for the most part I lost interest in the 2010 events, and began focusing laying a foundation for providing for my new family. I did exceptionally well, and it appeared that things were going well for us.

Around April of 2012, shortly after stopping breastfeeding, my ex-wife, relapsed and returned drinking heavily as she did prior to her pregnancy. Her drinking caused her to put our newborn son in danger, both by sleeping in bed with him and by leaving the house after midnight to obtain more alcohol. He had become accustomed to feeding while she slept, and I feared he would be poisoned due to her renewed drinking. I spoke with her about the issues, and informed her that if it continued I would be forced to call the police or DCF.

Shortly after I started receiving threatening messages over the internet related to the issue, as well as from her verbally. Her drinking heavily did not stop, and after several weeks of attempting to control the situation at home, I was forced to call the local Sheriff’s office in Lee county to have the assist me in dissuading her from endangering our newborn. It appeared that the machine used by this organized crime syndicate in 2010 was now being employed in order to interfere negatively in our relationship.

In only a few weeks, after this continuing behavior, I became unable to deal with the situation on my own. I was forced to contact the local police, hoping that they would be able to convey to my ex wife the danger she was putting our newborn in. The officers arrived and spoke to us for about one hour. They told her she should not be leaving the house with the baby when she is drunk. Immediately after leaving, my ex-wife locked herself in the guest bedroom, drunk with the baby. There was no crib there, and I was worried she would either roll over on him, or he would feed while she was drunk. I called the police again, and when they returned they told me the child was not in any danger in the situation, and they could not do anything unless he was injured or killed. I thought that was ridiculous, and asked them to call DCF. The officer declined to do so, and told me they had no options other than to leave. At this time he looked at me sternly, and scolded that if DCF got involved, and there were drugs in the house, someone would be getting in a lot of trouble. I had not mentioned drugs, and did not believe there to be any there, his statements were analogous to the repeated threats I had received in 2010 this network of organized criminals. These statements, like those in 2010, were designed to instill fear, intimidate me, and were clear violations of 18 USC 1513.

After delaying my entry to the jail for several hours by sitting in the parking lot near my home, causing me to miss the first appearance hearing and continue being detained another day, I returned to my home the following day to find half of my furniture, a safe containing silver bars, and several pieces of expensive electronics stolen by my ex-wife and her mother. After noticing this, I changed the locks and left the area to attempt to deal with our family issue. One week later, without calling they returned to our home, forcibly entered by breaking window, and stole more items. This event has been documented by a private investigator.

Because of these events, I believe the arresting officer, and the other 4 officers present at the time to be in violation of Florida Statute 39.201 – Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse. Evidence, in the form of the officer’s very own Police report is attached.

In addition the arresting officer and his companions, in their actions of retaliation against a victim, intimidation, and false arrest due, participating in this RICO conspiracy. These are violations of 18 USC 96 RICO, 18 USC 1510-1, obstruction of justice, 18 USC 1512, tampering with a witness, 18 US, 1513, retaliation against a witness, victim, 18 USC 2315, stolen property, and a violation of the 5th Amendment.

The Apocalypse

The following are facts, verified by documented evidence and court records, there is no conceivable way they could be contested. A string of individuals, however, including defense attorneys have colluded in order to suppress the use of them in open court. This conspiratorial collusion is a clear case of tampering not only with evidence, but also with a potential Federal witness. Since 2012, I have become a victim of a conspiracy of intentional inaction, clear violations of the oaths taken by officers of the court, and as a result have been victimized two fold. This case provides clear evidence of the level of corruption in our Judicial system, and I fear that unchecked, this infestation will be responsible for the complete destruction of liberty in our system.

On 6/11/2012, after departing from visiting my son, I was stopped by Officer Mike Search for “speeding.” I was not speeding, and have since obtained evidence proving as much via Freedom of Information Act Requests to the Lighthouse Point Police Department. Search approached my vehicle laughing, while speaking on his cell phone, I overheard him say “We got the guy you were looking for,” before hanging up. In evidence later collected, this statement would be verified by the placement of my name in his police log several hours before the “routine stop.” The Officer asked me to exit the vehicle without cause, hand cuffed me instantly, telling me “I looked like I was running” and proceeded to search the vehicle without permission. Search found prescription diet medication which I had no knowledge was in the vehicle, it is my belief that it was planted there by my ex-wife.

Search arrested me for possession of a controlled substance without a prescription. He tested on site and said that I t did not fail the on site test. Officer Mike Search proceeded to arrest me anyway, and his police report reflected none of the events which had actually transpired. He said he pulled me over after a fast exhibition of acceleration from the light of Sample and US1, after asking me to exit the vehicle because my “hands were shuffling around,” I exited and exclaimed “I have drugs in my pocket.” His fabrication is the most obvious set of lies I could imagine anyone coming up with, which is unsurprising in view of the events which transpired next.

Search brought me to the LHPD substation, and he and another officer verbally threatened me repeatedly. They mentioned the names of my ex-wife as well as her brother and father at the substation, and threatened my life on at least two occasions. These threats and actions constitute violations of 18 USC 1512-3 and 18 USC 2340 2c as well as violations of the 5th Amendment.

Upon being released from jail, I hired an attorney, Adam J. Katz to represent me. I informed him of the entire story, and suggested he subpoena the tapes from the Police car and substation to very both threats received there, as well as the very odd behavior the officers displayed, including the false search. It appears he never acted on my repeated requests, despite informing me repeatedly that he was doing so.

After receiving discovery, it became clear that the Police report did not reflect any of the actual events that happened. At that time, I reiterated to Katz both verbally and in writing that he needed to request tapes from the Police vehicle and the substation. Katz repeatedly said he was in the process of doing so.

On 10/15/2012 at a Calendar call which Katz sent an associate lawyer in his stead, I verbally asked Judge Barbara McCarthy if he had filed any subpoena’s, she responded negatively. This was at least 3.5 months after he had informed me that he did. Additionally, McCarthy said she was taking a 5 minute recess immediately before hearing my case that day, and stayed in her chambers for well over 30 minutes. When she returned, she noted verbally that she was “aware of my case, she had just reviewed the file.” After asking whether or not any subpoenas had been filed, she initially specifically said that she wanted to make sure “Katz was moving the case forward, and was going to require his appearance at the next hearing” however after I asked her if my appearance had been required that day, as she had reset the calendar call without notifying me or my attorney in writing and I was only given one day notice that I was required to appear, she became belligerent. She told me I would be required to appear at all calendar calls, and at that time she said that the case was “only a month old, completely contradicting her earlier statements, and attempting to ‘cover’ for Katz’s failure to file any subpoena’s in the case. The court records will reflect this.

I had, in writing, repeatedly told Katz that the information that we needed to request was time sensitive, that it could be routinely destroyed, and he must request it quickly.

After leaving the hearing, I immediately filed a Freedom of Information Act request directly to the LHPD myself, because it seemed clear that Katz was not performing his duties. I also emailed him again, demanding that he file the subpoena’s and set depositions. After a discussion with him regarding the cost of depositions, I told him the subpoenas for documents/data would suffice, as it should be enough to have the case dismissed. Katz once again, agreed to do this.

After an inordinate amount of time LHPD responded with the first FOIA request. They provided me with GPS data, per my request, for the Officer’s at the stop, however none of the GPS data showed any officer traveling over the speed limit. (Exhibit 4). They had intentionally omitted evidence which was in clear contradiction to the written police report, and in doing so tampered with available evidence. I immediately questioned this, and received a second FOIA package the following day (Exhibit 5). This package contained additional GPS data, as well as several other items. Failing to provide the full set of GPS data in the initial request is a violation of the FOIA law, and shows significant deception on the part of the LHPD.

Upon inspection the second set of GPS data contained information which indicated it had been falsified (Exhibit 6), and the GPS path did not match the narrative provided by Mike Search in his written report. In addition, there were several other discrepancies between Search’s report and the information obtained in the second FOIA set. In addition to the path not matching, the GPS data does not make any logical sense. It shows search stopping five blocks from where he placed me, verified by his report which says he was stopped next to me at Sample. He says I accelerated rapidly from the light, and he followed me from there. The GPS data however, shows that he was already going 64mph prior to nearing the light. As I told both attorneys who failed to subpoena data which would have made the doctoring obvious by obtaining the correct data from the LHPD’s provider, it is an attempt by the LHPD records custodian to cover up the fact that Search was setting me up.

The Police Log, a computer print out of Search’s activities during that day, indicated that he had written my name in his computer system 2 hours prior to pulling me over. This was a significant departure from his statement that this was a “routine traffic stop” in his report. (Exhibit 7)

The discrepancies between the first and second request, as well as the intentionally omitted information, constitute tampering and destruction of evidence.

All of this information was furnished to Katz via email, with a request for him to present it to the district attorney and attempt to have him agree to dismiss the case. I do not believe he had any communication with the DA.

A third FOIA request was filed, this time containing some of the same items which were requested and not provided in the first two, as well as additional information. At this time, the LHPD informed me that some items had been “routinely destroyed” in the time period between the second and third request. This is patently untrue, as audio surveillance was provided on 10/15, more than 90 days after the stop, and only 10 days prior to the second request. In that set of audio data also, there was a significant amount of evidence intentionally left off the CD, including the initial call from the Officer. The records custodian also repeatedly refused to produce any documentation related to the retention of data, and it is my contention that they still were in possession of all audio and video data, and failed to provide it in order to destroy evidence.

Their failure to provide audio video surveillance from the LHPD substation constitutes intentional destruction of evidence. (Exhibit 8) Officer Mike Oh, the records custodian responsible for responding to my requests intentionally delayed and destroyed evidence relating to the stop and subsequent criminal activity on the part of other LHPD officers. He is guilty of violating 18 USC 1512.

One month later, I had a conversation with Katz, in which he informed me he had only filed one subpoena, for the tapes from the police cars. I had requested in writing, numerous times, that additional information be requested. This intentional failure to investigate the case, and due any due diligence is a clear violation of due process. Through his intentional inaction, Katz served to suppress evidence, intimidate a witness, and retaliate against the victim of a conspiracy in violation of 18 USC 1510-3. I believe Katz to be a willing participant in this RICO conspiracy.

That evening, I got in an argument with my father over the firing of Katz, after several hours the Police were called, and I was arrested for misdemeanor domestic violence. At the magistrate hearing the next day, my bond was revoked for the felony possession case, and I was held without bond due to a minimal misdemeanor violation which was later retracted and dismissed, a violation of the 8th Amendment. (Exhibit 9)

While being held without bond, I hired another attorney, John Cotrone, who after a verbal conversation and discussion of the evidence I had obtained via FOIA requests, said he would be able to “help me.” Cotrone repeatedly informed me that he would have no problem obtaining bond, and I informed him that I needed to retrieve the FOIA requests from safety deposit box. I had a family member send Cotrone an email requesting that he file the subpoena’s Katz had not filed, and that he file a motion to suppress evidence. Cotrone failed to file any motions.

At the next hearing, six days later, Judge Barbara McCarthy refused to hold a hearing for bond, a violation of the 5th 14thand 8th Amendment. She did agree to set a bond hearing on the calendar, however for a week later, however immediately after held an impromptu bond hearing for a multiple-arrest narcotics trafficking case, while I was in the court room. McCarthy clearly showed favourtism to the narcotics trafficker, who was out on bond, denying me, someone who was held without bond their constitutional right to a fair bond, for a mere possession of less than one gram charge. The court records will reflect this.

During the time between hearings, the domestic violence charge was dismissed. At the bond hearing, Judge McCarthy, John Cotrone, and the DA all acted very strangely. Cotrone specifically was verbally threatening, and refused to complete a bond hearing despite multiple requests. Judge McCarthy made odd comments relating to the bond hearing, and both acted in concert to violate my 5th, 14th and 8th Amendment rights. After going sidebar with the Judge and DA, Cotrone approached me, threatened me, and demanded that I take a plea bargain. I responded very loudly that I was innocent, and demanded he finish the hearing. At this time Cotrone leaned in towards me in the “witness stand,” and told me that the “they” would ensure that I was “locked up and have the key thrown away” if I did not take he deal. I was mortified. This use of third person pronouns to describe the mafia had been a recurring theme used by both my ex-wife as well as multiple police officers throughout this torturous ordeal.

The record reflects that the Judge could see that I was noticeably distressed during my conversation with Cotrone, and while going through the motions of accepting the plea against my will. (Exhibit 11) It is my belief that both McCarthy and Cotrone acted in concert to suppress the evidence against the LHPD that members of this conspiracy had full knowledge that I had in my possession. They used bond revocation, refusal to hear bond, and subsequently threats in order to do so. Both committed violations of 18 USC 96 and 18 USC 1510-3. In addition they conspired to deny my 5th, 14th, and 8th Amendment rights.

It appears that both Katz and Cotrone communicated privileged information about my case with each other, and conspired with the LHPD in order to tamper with evidence, ensuring through inaction, threats, and coercion, that it would never see the light of a court room.

Immediately after being released from jail I hired another attorney to file a 3.850, ineffective assistance of council motion against Cotrone and Katz and have the plea vacated. I have attempted without success to contact the ACLU, the Justice Department, and the FBI regarding this series of events, and receive no response whatsoever.

This attorney, Michael Gottlieb viewed the evidence and entire story prior to being retained, and informed me that the 3.850 would not be an issue. I further requested, in writing, confirmation that he would be willing to use the events of 2010, related to the organized crime set up in my defense, and he responded affirmatively. After being hired however, he appeared to “change his mind” and intentionally delayed the filing of the 3.850 against Katz and Cotrone for several months.

It appears that Katz, Cotrone, and Gottlieb communicated information about my case, protected by attorney client privilege amongst each other, and in doing so conspired through intentional inaction to suppress evidence against the LHPD and each other. I believe phone and email records will corroborate this statement. This is a violation of guaranteed due process, and through their inaction they have violated 18 USC 1512-3.

Because of this breach of privilege, my ex-wife and this syndicate learned of my intention to present evidence against them, and mortal threats via the internet and in person from both civilians and my ex-wife ensued. Because of this renewed anger, I was forced to leave the area.

This conspiracy of intentional inaction serves to hide the infestation of organized crime in the Judicial and law enforcement branches of local and Federal government. It is my strong belief that this syndicate uses extortion, intimidation, and bribery in order to coerce not only law enforcement but also sworn officers of the court, including and especially defense counsel, into participating in the suppression of evidence, intimidation of witnesses, and retaliation against victims.

2 thoughts on “The Whole Story…

  1. I am grateful for your writing… & especially like the fact that you gave us the accepted definition of the word “torture”.
    Now I have no doubt about why I call what I am going through exactly that.


  2. still around? things are moving.

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