The Complaint.

This complaint involves a RICO conspiracy by violating 18 USC 1510, 1511, 1512, 1513 Tampering with a witness/victim, destruction of evidence.

In addition violations of the 5th Amendment, deprivation of liberty; 8th, 14th, and the 15th Amendment, right to due process.

I am a victim of the Pisani/DeRosa Crime Families, who appear to be connected to a much larger organized crime ring which has corrupted many members of local and federal law enforcement in South Florida. This conspiracy involves two officers of the Lighthouse Point Police Department and two private defense lawyers, as well as several members of the Pisani Family, personally known to me to be members of the Italian mafia.

Individually, the complaint is predominantly a string of infractions of the law. Together, it shows the breadth of control the Mafia has over law enforcement and the Judicial system in South Florida, and represents a significant and torturous RICO conspiracy. I have witnessed their ability to interfere with legal defenses, and their ability to use corrupt law enforcement officers in order to systematically violate the law. The Judicial system in Broward County rewards narcotics trafficking, and it is my assumption that this behavior is at the behest of a corrupt network of narcotics officers in FBI, DEA, and several police agencies – ultimately it seems organized crime has infested the entire system. This criminal enterprise uses false legal prosecution, and related threats, as a weapon against innocent victims.

It appears to me that the network of corruption used in 2010, is now being used in order to “build a false case” for Pisani to attempt to steal custody of our son, though it is equally likely that these events are the result of a paid for “mafia hit.”

Throughout our entire renewed relationship, she repeatedly blamed her “Family” first for the attempted framing, then for the threats (to coerce silence), all the while pretending she was attempting to “help us avoid it.” Anything but the truth, her actions, and also her or her families use of this “corrupt network” repeatedly put not only me, but our son in harms way.

I have been psychologically tortured by Nanna Pisani, her immediate family, and a number of members of a vast conspiracy which uses advanced information operation tactics in order to discredit the testimony of witnesses against the mafia. Pisani and her family are not capable of creating such a well thought out plan. Their connection to organized crime is related to domestic drug distribution and illegal gambling, using private enterprises as a cover for their illicit activities. In addition they appear to be part of an extra-legal network which performs mafia-style “hits”, for the purpose not of killing, but destroying the lives of their victims through psychological torture.

It is plainly domestic terrorism, designed to deprive victims of their civil liberties, and hide their actions through the use of a very well designed operation of psychological torture.

In 2012, in an attempt to cover up their corrupt network, several officers of the LHPD make a critical mistake, they left verifiable paper evidence of their attempted cover up. Subsequently their network in the Broward Judicial System was forced to act in an obvious manner to cover up their mistakes, and committed a series of illegal acts in the process. These are also documented in black and white, and expose the breadth of the conspiracy.

I believe a formal investigation will yield a significant amount of additional evidence.

Around April of 2012, shortly after stopping breastfeeding, my ex-wife, Nanna Pisani relapsed and returned drinking heavily as she did prior to her pregnancy. Her drinking caused her to put our newborn son in danger, both by sleeping in bed with him and by leaving the house after midnight to obtain more alcohol. I spoke with her about the issues, and informed her that if it continued I would be forced to call the police or DCF about the issue.

Shortly after I started receiving threatening messages over the internet related to the issue, as well as from Nanna Pisani verbally. Her drinking heavily did not stop, and after several weeks of attempting to control the situation at home, I was forced to call the local Sheriff’s office in Lee county to have the assist me in dissuading her from endangering our newborn.

The officers arrived and spoke to Nanna and myself for about one hour. They told her she should not be leaving the house with the baby when she is drunk. Immediately after leaving, Nanna locked herself in the guest bedroom, drunk with the baby. There was no crib there, and I was worried she would either roll over on him, or he would feed while she was drunk. I called the police again, and when they returned they told me the child was not in any danger in the situation, and they could not do anything unless he was injured or killed. I thought that was ridiculous, and asked them to call DCF. The officer declined to do so, and told me they had no options other than to leave. At this time he looked at me sternly, and scolded that if DCF got involved, and there were drugs in the house, someone would be getting in a lot of trouble. I had not mentioned drugs, and did not believe there to be any there, his statements were analogous to the repeated threats I had received in 2010 from the Pisani Crime Family, and the network of organized criminals who had threatened both Nanna and myself then.

After delaying my entry to the jail for several hours by sitting in the parking lot near my home, causing me to miss the first appearance hearing and continue being detained another day, I returned to my home the following day to find half of my furniture, a safe containing silver bars, and several pieces of expensive electronics stolen by Nanna Pisani and her mother, Sheila Sell Lynch. After noticing this, I changed the locks and left the area to attempt to deal with our family issue. One week later, Nanna Pisani, Sheila Sell Lynch, and Joe Lombardo returned to my home, forcibly entered by breaking window, and stole more items. This event has been documented by a private investigator (Exhibit 1).

Because of these events, I believe the arresting officer, and the other 4 officers present at the time to be in violation of Florida Statute 39.201 – Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse. Evidence, in the form of the officer’s very own Police report is attached in Exhibit 2.

In addition the arresting officer and his companions, in their actions of retaliation against a victim, intimidation, and false arrest due, participating in a RICO conspiracy with the Pisani Crime Family. These are violations of 18 USC 96 RICO, 18 USC 1510-1, obstruction of justice, 18 USC 1512, tampering with a witness, 18 US, 1513, retaliation against a witness, victim, 18 USC 2315, stolen property, and a violation of the 5th Amendment.

Nanna Pisani has violated:

18 USC 96 RICO,

18 USC 1510-1, obstruction of justice

18 USC 1512, tampering with a witness

18 USC 1513, retaliation against a witness, victim

18 USC 1951, extortion

18 USC 2315, stolen property

Sheila Lynch, and Joseph Lombardo committed the following crimes:

18 USC 96 RICO

18 USC 1513, retaliation against a witness, victim

18 USC 2315, stolen property

On 6/11/2012, en route from Louis Pisani’s home to Nanna Pisani’s home, I was stopped by Officer Mike Search for “speeding.” I was not speeding, and have since obtained evidence proving as much via Freedom of Information Act Requests to the Lighthouse Point Police Department. Search approached my vehicle laughing, while speaking on his cell phone, I overheard him say “We got the guy you were looking for,” before hanging up. The Officer asked me to exit the vehicle without cause, hand cuffed me instantly, telling me “I looked like I was running” and proceeded to search the vehicle without permission. Search found diet medication which I had no knowledge was in the vehicle, it is my belief that it was planted there by Pisani. There was no cause for the stop, no cause to ask me to exit the vehicle, and no cause for a search.

Search arrested me for possession of a controlled substance without a prescription, though I informed him that the item in question was not controlled. He tested on site and said that I t did not fail the on site test. Officer Mike Search proceeded to arrest me anyway, and his police report reflected none of the events which had actually transpired. He said he pulled me over after a fast exhibition of acceleration from the light of Sample and US1, after asking me to exit the vehicle because my “hands were shuffling around,” I exited and exclaimed “I have drugs in my pocket.” His fabrication is the most obvious set of lies I could imagine anyone coming up with, which is unsurprising in view of the events which transpired next.

Search brought me to the LHPD substation, and he and another officer verbally threatened me repeatedly. They mentioned both Louis and Nanna Pisani in the substation, and threatened my life on at least two occasions.

It is my belief that Search and one other LHPD officer are guilty of:

18 USC 96 RICO, both the government employees and civilian network act in concert in order to commit the following crimes:

18 USC 1510-1, obstruction of justice

18 USC 1512, tampering with a witness

18 USC 1513, retaliation against a witness, victim

18 USC 2340 2c, Torture, threat of imminent death

5th Amendment Violation

Upon being released from jail, I hired an attorney, Adam Jeffrey Katz to represent me. I informed him of the entire story, and suggested he subpoena the tapes from the Police car and substation to very both threats received there, as well as the very odd behavior the officers displayed, including the false search.

After receiving discovery, it became clear that the Police report did not reflect any of the events that happened. At that time, I reiterated to Katz both verbally and in email that he needed to request tapes from the Police vehicle and the substation. Katz said he would do this.

On 10/15/2012 at a Calendar call which Katz sent an associate lawyer in his stead, I verbally asked Judge Barbara McCarthy if he had filed any subpoena’s, she responded negatively. This was at least 3.5 months after he had informed me that he did. Additionally, McCarthy said she was taking a 5 minute recess immediately before hearing my case that day, and stayed in her chambers for well over 30 minutes. When she returned, she noted verbally that she was “aware of my case, she had just reviewed the file.” After asking whether or not any subpoenas had been filed, she initially specifically said that she wanted to make sure “Katz was moving the case forward, and was going to require his appearance at the next hearing” however after I asked her if my appearance had been required that day, as she had reset the calendar call without notifying me or my attorney in writing and I was only given one day notice that I was required to appear, she became belligerent. She told me I would be required to appear at all calendar calls, and at that time she said that the case was “only a month old, completely contradicting her earlier statements, and attempting to ‘cover’ for Katz’s failure to file any subpona’s in the case. The court records will reflect this. Additionally, it is my belief that McCarthy made a long call during her recess related to my case, either with Katz or another member of the conspiracy.

I had, in writing, repeatedly told Katz that the information that we needed to request was time sensitive, that it could be routinely destroyed, and he must request it quickly. (Exhibit 3)

After leaving the hearing, I immediately filed a Freedom of Information Act request directly to the LHPD myself, because it seemed clear that Katz was not done it. I also emailed him again, demanding that he file the subpoena’s and set depositions. After a discussion with him regarding the cost of depositions, I told him the subpoenas for documents/data would suffice, as it should be enough to have the case dismissed. Katz agreed to do this.

After an inordinate amount of time LHPD responded with the first FOIA request. They provided me with GPS data, per my request, for the Officer’s at the stop, however none of the GPS data showed any officer traveling over the speed limit. (Exhibit 4). I immediately questioned this, and received a second FOIA package the following day (Exhibit 5). This package contained additional GPS data, as well as several other items. Failing to provide the full set of GPS data in the initial request is a violation of the FOIA law, and shows significant deception on the part of the LHPD.

Upon inspection the second set of GPS data contained information which indicated it had been falsified (Exhibit 6), and the GPS path did not match the narrative provided by Mike Search in his written report. In addition, there were several other discrepancies between Search’s report and the information obtained in the second FOIA set. In addition to the path not matching, the GPS data does not make any logical sense. It shows search stopping in the middle of US1, five blocks from the nearest light, where his report says he was stopped next to me. He says I accelerated rapidly from the light, and he followed me from there. The GPS data however, shows that he was already going 64mph prior to nearing the light. As I told both attorneys who failed to subpoena data which would have made the doctoring obvious by obtaining the correct data from the LHPD’s provider, it is an attempt by the LHPD records custodian to cover up the fact that Search was setting me up.

The Police Log, a computer print out of Search’s activities during that day, indicated that he had written my name in his computer system 2 hours prior to pulling me over. This was a significant departure from his statement that this was a “routine traffic stop” in his report. (Exhibit 7)

The discrepancies between the first and second request, as well as the intentionally omitted information, constitute tampering and destruction of evidence.

All of this information was furnished to Katz via email, with a request for him to present it to the district attorney and attempt to have him agree to dismiss the case. I do not believe he had any communication with the DA.

A third FOIA request was filed, this time containing some of the same items which were requested and not provided in the first two, as well as additional information. At this time, the LHPD informed me that some items had been “routinely destroyed” in the time period between the second and third request. This is patently untrue, as audio surveillance was provided on 10/15, more than 90 days after the stop, and only 10 days prior to the second request. In that set of audio data also, there was a significant amount of evidence intentionally left off the CD, including the initial call from the Officer. The records custodian also repeatedly refused to produce any documentation related to the retention of data, and it is my contention that they still were in possession of all audio and video data, and failed to provide it in order to destroy evidence.

Their failure to provide audio video surveillance from the LHPD substation constitutes destruction of evidence. (Exhibit 8) Officer Mike Oh, the records custodian responsible for responding to my requests intentionally delayed and destroyed evidence relating to the stop and subsequent criminal activity on the part of other LHPD officers. He is guilty of violating 18 USC 1512.

One month later, I had a conversation with Katz, in which he informed me he had only filed one subpoena, for the tapes from the police cars. I had requested in writing, numerous times, that additional information be requested. At this time I told Katz I would be filing a bar complaint against him, and believed he was intentionally attempting to suppress and/or destroy evidence. I believe Katz to be part of a RICO conspiracy, in violation of 18 USC 1510-3.

That evening, I got in an argument with my father over the firing of Katz, after several hours the Police were called, and I was arrested for misdemeanor domestic violence. At the magistrate hearing the next day, my bond was revoked for the felony possession case, and I was held without bond, a violation of the 8th Amendment. (Exhibit 9)

While being held without bond, I hired another attorney, John Cotrone, who after a verbal conversation and discussion of the evidence I had obtained via FOIA requests, said he would be able to “help me.” Cotrone repeatedly informed me that he would have no problem obtaining bond, and I informed him that I needed to retrieve the FOIA requests from safety deposit box. I had a family member send Cotrone an email requesting that he file the subpoena’s Katz had not filed, and that he file a motion to suppress evidence. Cotrone failed to file any motions.

At the next hearing, six days later, Judge Barbara McCarthy refused to hold a hearing for bond, a violation of the 5th 14thand 8th Amendment. She did agree to set a bond hearing on the calendar, however immediately after held an impromptu bond hearing for a multiple-arrest narcotics trafficking case, while I was in the court room. McCarthy clearly showed favourtism to the narcotics trafficker, who was out on bond, denying me, someone who was held without bond for a mere possession of less than one gram charge. She has been repeatedly accused of judicial misconduct and favoritism. (Exhibit 10). The court records will reflect this.

During the time between hearings, the domestic violence charge was dismissed. At the bond hearing, Judge McCarthy, John Cotrone, and the DA all acted very strangely. (Exhibit 11) Cotrone specifically was verbally threatening, and refused to complete a bond hearing. Judge McCarthy made odd comments relating to the bond hearing, and both acted in concert to violate my 5th, 14th and 8th Amendment rights. After going sidebar with the Judge and DA, Cotrone approached me, threatened me, and demanded that I take a plea bargain. I responded very loudly that I was innocent, and demanded he finish the hearing. There is no way the Judge, and half the courtroom did not hear me. At this time Cotrone leaned in towards me in the “witness stand,” and told me that the mafia would ensure that I was “locked up and have the key thrown away” if I did not take he deal. I was mortified.

The record reflects that the Judge could see that I was noticeably distressed during my conversation with Cotrone, and while going through the motions of accepting the plea against my will. (Exhibit 11) It is my belief that both McCarthy and Cotrone acted in concert to suppress the evidence against the LHPD that members of this conspiracy had full knowledge that I had in my possession. They used bond revocation, refusal to hear bond, and subsequently threats in order to do so. Both committed violations of 18 USC 96 and 18 USC 1510-3. In addition they conspired to deny my 5th, 14th, and 8th Amendment rights.

Immediately after being released from jail I hired another attorney to file a 3.850, ineffective assistance of council motion against Cotrone and Katz and have the plea vacated.

The Probation office refused my requests to transfer to another state, despite my repeated requests.

Several months later, upon learning that I was having the plea vacated, Nanna Pisani threatened my life, and I was forced to leave the area in mortal fear.

Nanna Pisani has violated:

18 USC 96 RICO, both the government employees and civilian network act in concert in order to commit the following crimes:

18 USC 1510-1, obstruction of justice

18 USC 1512, tampering with a witness

18 USC 1513, retaliation against a witness, victim

18 USC 1951, extortion

18 USC 2315, stolen property

18 USC 2340 2c, Torture, threat of imminent death


In the late nineties I met Dustin Pisani, who I believed was a small time drug dealer in Pompano Beach, FL. Over the course of about 2 years, I met, dated, and married his sister Nanna. At that time I had no knowledge of this families relationship to organized crime, however upon reuniting in 2010 I learned that during this time period, around 2000, their entire family participated in a drug distribution enterprise first to distribute cases of Ketaset, and later cocaine. We were divorced in 2003, and did not have any contact for several years.

During this time, I later learned that their family business, “Enzo’s Stained Glass Pub” was used as a distribution point for cocaine and illegal gambling, and had been raided resulting in several arrests. From what I have learned, the proprietors were tipped off about the raid, and only lower level employees were caught. Just prior to Nanna calling me to “rekindle” our relationship in 2010, her brother Dustin was arrested with over 10kg of cocaine.

In late 2010, my ex-wife and current girlfriend, Nanna Pisani informed me that her family, specifically her brother, Dustin Pisani, was attempting to frame me for a crime. At the time she had a significant alcohol problem. During then time between we began dating again, and November of 2010, about 4 months, Nanna informed me that Dustin had framed her former fiancée, Clayton Montgomery in order to mitigate his sentence. She further informed me that the Broward Sheriff’s Office had inflicted life threatening injuries upon Clayton during his arrest.

Over the course of the next three months, her story changed from the crime being drug trafficking to murder. In that time period, from 11/2010 to 1/2011, both of us began being threatened and harassed on the street, in several specific hotels, and places of business. The threats would come from civilians, officers of the law, and employees of these establishments. This certainly added credibility to her story, and her contention that her family was a member of the mafia. By her description of the family structure, I assume it is either the ‘ndrangheta, the camorrah or the SCU.

I have personally witnessed a large network of civilian operators working for a criminal organization in order to intimidate potential witnesses to Federal crimes. At the time, this network included one or two employees at each of of Walmart in Sunrise, Walgreens in Plantation, the Park Central Hotel in Miami Beach, the Ocean Manor on Galt Ocean Mile, and at least 7 employees of Mt. Sinai Memorial.

Over the course of the three months, Nanna Pisani and this “corrupt criminal network” mentioned two events, one in South Florida and one in Pennsylvania both of which were investigated by the FBI. One appeared to be a drug deal which resulted in gunshots at the DoubleTree Hotel in Miami, and the other was a home invasion in which an the FBI was “tipped off” and busted several members of a Dominican drug cartel.

Upon information and belief, the Pisani Crime Family informed this cartel that I had informed on the third party. I did not, and had no knowledge of those events or the “tip off” until December. Further, Nanna Pisani repeatedly threatened that her “Family” was either hiding drugs in my home or my vehicle in an attempt to frame me. After words, she mentioned that the drugs were hidden in clothing, a dog bed, and makeup containers, and hotel furniture.

During this time, Nanna Pisani relayed that her “Family” would kill me, and my family, if I attempted to stop the set up. At one point, she relayed that I was in imminent danger, and told me had to “run” to get away from them. This story was used as a pretense to extort 10,000$ from me, which she said would be used to sustain our lives while we were hiding from these criminals. Pisani would repeatedly use false pretenses designed to intimidate and extort money ultimately in order to psychologically attack me, and hide the true purpose of their crime. It now my belief that their intent was to cause me to file a “silly” complaint with the FBI, in order to discredit any future complaints against them. That is exactly what they achieved.

During this time Nanna Pisani filed multiple false police reports with law enforcement in Orlando, Broward, and Charleston; against myself and other people; all of these reports were dropped practically immediately. At the time it seemed as if it was due to mental instability, however it appears to be a common practice among perpetrators of this crime.. part of their psychological torture operation.

In order to avoid being “set up,” as Nanna Pisani continually informed me her family was doing to me, at times in exchange for money, and at other times in order to reduce her brothers sentence, we both decided to request witness protection from the FBI. We traveled to Miami to walk in to the field office, however that day Nanna Pisani asked that we go to the Park Central Hotel in Miami Beach, and go to the FBI the next morning. While there, I was drugged with an unknown neurotoxin, causing symptoms of difficulty walking and disjointed speech, because of this we were told to go to Mt. Sinai Memorial by the hotel staff.

Upon arriving at Mt. Sinai, and voluntarily entering the ER for medical attention, I was held against my will under a Baker Act. I was not suicidal, nor did I present a danger to myself or others, and simply wanted medical attention. At the time I believed the cause to be an overly cautious doctor, however the true intention would become much more obvious over the next several hours. I quickly recovered from the neurotoxin, and no longer experienced any of the symptoms which had brought me to the ER. Oddly though, afterwords, the doctor insisted that I drink a strange fluid, what he called activated charcoal, however it was blue in color and in a very strange container. I declined to drink it because of its odd presentation, and because I had not ingested anything earlier, and he then threatened to force feed it. I drank very little of it, to satisfy him, an d discarded the rest in the hospital bed.

Upon arriving in the “evaluation floor,” the staff quickly shuffled orderlies for my room, and I was left with two females of Hispanic origin. About one hour later, one of the females placed a portable electrocardiogram on my chest, which she told me would “let her know if I was telling the truth.” She either believed, or wanted me to believe, that it was akin to a lie detector test. Immediately afterwards, she began “interrogating” me about events that she said occurred at the DoubleTree around 11/15 of that year. From the interrogation, it seemed obvious that someone had told her that I was there. After about an hour of “torturous” verbal interrogation, she apparently believed the results she was receiving on her ECG, and told me that whoever was there had informed the FBI about a future event in Pennsylvania in which it seemed a relative of hers had been arrested. She left quickly after that, and the next shift of orderlies were began threatening to place drugs in my IV and sexually assault me.

The experience was very shaking, and though nothing of substance occurred for the remainder of my stay, which seemed to be strangely extended. I was not allowed to see an actual doctor, despite repeated requests until the following Sunday, near the statutory limit for holding a patient without grounds. Upon actually speaking to someone, I was released immediately. Upon being released, I attempted to research the events which were described to me, and was shocked to find that both were written about on the Internet.

Because of repeated threats of violence, death and of being framed by this “organized criminal network,” I filed an Internet FBI complaint in late December of the same year. It took an extraordinary amount of time for this complaint to be responded to, however I received an email from HIDTA agent Brian X. Blake who I spoke to about a week later. I had a somewhat brief conversation with Blake, which ended with me asking if “the FBI had linked the shoot out at the DoubleTree to the home invasion in Pennsylvania. He responded affirmatively, again startling me significantly. I said “Really?” and he ended the phone call. Several minutes later, two plainclothes DEA agents knocked on the door at my parents house, who I had been visiting when Blake called me. I had not told him where I was. These agents asked one single question, two times, “Is everything OK?” and then left abruptly without asking for any additional information.

It appears to me now that these two agents, including Blake, are compromised, and working with the “civilian network” in its conspiracy to intimidate witnesses and suppress evidence.

Both Nanna Pisani and I continued to receive threats via telephone, computer, and I received no further contact from either the FBI or DEA after that. Nanna repeatedly told me that her brother and family had hidden drugs in our home. Several times I had the Plantation police come to the house because of these warnings, however their behavior was just as strange as the FBI and DEA. On one occasion an officer came and told me that if we found something, we should make sure we leave it in the house and call him specifically, he specifically said not to bring it to the Police station. During the course of our conversation, standing outside our home, this officer walked to his vehicle and took a crowbar out of his trunk. At this time I dialed 911 (again), and left the line open. The officer quickly left. The very next day, another Plantation Police Officer told me that we should destroy anything we found, this one specifically mentioned a “frame job” and said it “let me ease your fears, it’s not going to work.” It was clear that all three were aware of something I was not.

Because threats continued, including strange behavior by hotel staff and clerks at other facilities, including thefts, we moved from the area in February of 2011. I filed a walk in complaint at the FBI field office in Miami, detailing the events which occurred at Mt. Sinai, The Park Central, and the Ocean Manor. The Agent who took this information refused to give me his name, saying he was a “undercover agent” and did not follow up, at all.

During this time Nanna Pisani became pregnant, at the same time the harassment in public places stopped completely, and threatening electronic communications slowed significantly, but did not stop completely.

Shortly after notice of her pregnancy, both Clayton Montgomery and Dustin Pisani received pleas that were significant downward departures from minimum mandatory sentences. Both had been charged with trafficking more than 10KG of cocaine. These occurred on the very same day. I believe this implies collusion and corruption which includes the DA’s office, BSO, FBI, DEA, and the bench.

The totality of the threatening behavior on the part of this large group of civilian and law enforcement individuals, acting in concert, is designed not only to intimidate and psychologically abuse the victim, but also to make their testimony seem unreal. It is not unreal, there is a significant infestation of organized crime in South Florida, and they have learned from military or intelligence experts how to best have their intimidation, extortion, and corruption activities concealed. Unfortunately for the victims, this increases the brutality of the crimes significantly, and makes them tantamount to psychological torture.

This tactic should be a known weapon in information/psychological operation circles, and it would surprise me greatly if there were not a significant number of similar complaints.

The events of 2010 included violation of numerous Federal crimes, including:

18 USC 1117 conspiracy to commit murder, for the events at Mt. Sinai

18 USC 1959 a4 a5 violent crimes in aid of racketeering

18 USC 96 RICO, both the government employees and civilian network act in concert in order to commit the following crimes:

18 USC 1510-1, obstruction of justice

18 USC 1512, tampering with a witness

18 USC 1513, retaliation against a witness, victim

18 USC 1951, extortion

18 USC 2315, stolen property

18 USC 1986, action for neglect to prevent


mccarthy letter

hearing showing Cotrone’s failure to finish the scheduled hearing, as well as noted duress during coerced plea.

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